5 to 10 Years Old


We have a wide range of classes available for children five to ten years old. Our classes allow children to engage in a range of artmaking activities or focus on particular medium or topic.

Art Studio – 1.5 or 2 hours

In a teacher-guided open studio format, children are introduced to a wide range of art materials in our inquiry-based learning environment. Painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculptural experiences provide problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative possibilities. Linking creative skills with imagination, the studio prompts rich social interaction and reflective dialogue with both teacher and peers.

Big Kid Topic Classes & Workshops for children in grades K-5

Workshops are held summer session and during winter and spring breaks

For children in elementary school who are ready to delve deeper into artistic techniques, classes for this age group may focus on a particular medium or theme, but students make their own choices about the content and complexity of their work. As well as promoting artistic development, these classes facilitate learning development including creative problem solving, critical thinking and visual language skills.

See class schedule for current offerings and pricing information.

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Big Kid Topic Classes & Workshop Descriptions

Architectural Sculpture

Build 3-dimensional structures and settings using foamcore, wire, wood, paper and recycled materials.

Art and Science

Can I make a sculpture that moves in the wind? Where do colors come from? Why is glue sticky? In this class, we will create unique drawings, paintings, and sculptures as we explore the close relationship between science and art.

Art in the Garden

Inspired by nature develop your visual thinking and observational skills while experimenting with a range of media at the fort mason community garden. Our garden adventures will be our inspiration for sun prints, watercolor and more!

Clay Time

Learn about coil and slab construction, surface textures, sculpting, and glazing. Students will use both air-dry and kiln-fired clay.

Land, Sea, and City

Fort Mason is all three! The community garden, public art, historical landmarks, nearby galleries and marine wildlife will be our inspiration for sketches, paintings, and prints.

Observational Drawing

Working in the studio and outdoors, the emphasis will be on sharpening and strengthening students’ drawing skills by closely examining a range of subjects.

Painting and Drawing

In the studio, children develop their observational and technical skills while experimenting with charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic paint.


Explore the many possibilities and techniques of handmade paper, such as embossing, pulp, and 3-dimensional paper casting.

Photo Explorers

Combining indoor and outdoor photography using digital cameras and sun prints, with media such as drawing, painting, and collage.

Pictures and Words

Explore how pictures and words relate to each other. Students explore the language of images, objects, and all things visual.


Create a variety of images and patterns with collage, stencils, stamps, block and transfer print techniques. Combine painting and printmaking to create richly textured imagery.

Puppet Theatre

All the world’s a stage, and you can help put on the show! Create miniature puppet theatres and masks using 2- and 3-dimensional materials.


Explore a range of traditional, recycled, and repurposed materials including foamcore, wire, cardboard, wood, paper, recyclable materials and clay to construct 3-dimensional works of art.